A special encounter

Last week I met someone very special. I was told by two people that this was going to take place during my week of volunteer work in France. And so it happened.

It turned out to be a great teacher. He demanded my full attention, presence and care.

If I wasn’t paying attention, he made sure I would next time. If I wasn’t present, he made me feel I was needed. If I showed doubt, he behaved in unpredictable ways. If I wasn’t grounded, he took off. If I was angry with him, he didn’t react.

When I was calm, self confident, present in the moment and centered, he was relaxed and showed unconditional love and friendship.

He was a perfect mirror to me. Not hindered by emotions and ego. Usually when I tune in on someone, I feel their emotions, fears, pains and traumas. With him, I didn’t feel any of that so I started to doubt my abilities. But when I focused more deeply, I noticed these ego related issues were just not present in him. I could only sense peace and tranquility. The only emotion he showed, was joy.

Now you would think this teacher must be an angel or Buddha. Well maybe he is!

Thank you Mick for this unforgettable week together!

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