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Hey I am Jacko.

Currently I am in Sweden to find a place and the right people to work and live together and establish a community. My vision is to build a small community where we show that our planet can provide abundance if we take good care of her, ourselves and each other.

We will be working with new and old methods and techniques for personal health, personal development, interpersonal relations, cooperation, c0-creation, agriculture, water treatment, building and heating.

In my professional and personal life I have gained a lot of experience in several domains, but it never felt really ‘right’, it felt incomplete and sometimes as a fight against nature. Now I am putting these puzzle pieces together and they start to make sense!

Our world is changing rapidly, so it is time to move to a new direction and look for a new balance and harmony. With eachother and with nature.

Do you have similar interests and visions and are you willing to invest with me in a sustainable future? Contact me!


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