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Hi I am Jacko!
After my last burnout my life changed drastically. From that moment onwards, many puzzle pieces came together. Why I felt different as a kid. Why my life felt like a big search without knowing what I was looking for. Why I tried to fit in and do what everybody else did. And why that didn’t work for me. Why I ended up in a burnout 3 times. Why I felt mentally exhausted. Why I got bored so quickly.

I was like someone who is swimming against the flow of the river without realizing it. Everything was heavy and difficult, draining my energy. Time after time I became exhausted and I didn’t know why. Something was wrong. Very wrong. But what? Till I came to a full standstill… Then I noticed that I was in that river and it took me with the flow. Life was telling me to move in a different direction. That felt very scary. Letting go of control, into the unknown. But what was I trying to control in the first place? Is there really something you can control? Was I trying to achieve the right goals? Where does this river take me?

I went looking for answers. Everywhere. Books, courses, talks, coaches, internet articles. Finally I received the insight that true answers can’t be found outside yourself. So I decided to go on a journey: an inner journey. During this journey I learnt to dive deeply into myself. And into my dark sides as well. Sometimes I did it alone, somtimes with help of others. That was really something for me. Getting the notion that you can’t do it all by yourself. Asking for help. Receiving help. Finding out that with help of others you can reach even deeper levels in yourself that remain obscured for yourself otherwise. Because you simply don’t see it or it is too difficult or painful to go there alone. Then it is so good to have someone by your side who can go there with you, hold a safe space and guide you. And that is very special, because not everybody can or is willing to go there. You must have been there yourself (and back!!) to be able to guide someone else.

Through this inner process I discovered how old experiences and patterns are still playing out in my everyday life and what problems they cause. And now I recognize them in others too. Been there, done that!

I chose to take on my personal mission to help other people to reach their full potential, there True Self. That is why I am offering my talents and experiences as a coach and energy therapist. Why? Because that is who and what I am.

It is my passion to let you experience how good it is to live and work from your own source, taking full responsibility of your life. Without the limiting and unnecessary burdens. In freedom and personal power!

I speak English and Dutch.

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