Stop the fight

Stop the fight…. and you will win the war

I know this sounds paradoxical. But I think it is true. Actually it is as simple and logical as physics. Every force is counterbalanced by an equal force in the opposite direction. Newton’s third law.
So if you were to change this system, what would you do? Push even harder? Fight even smarter? Argue even more fanatically? You know the answer. You can imagine this will even fuel the fight.
So are you stuck forever with something you don’t want? No I don’t think so. There is another way. The third way. There are only three ways.

The first way: Accept it.
This way is the way of the least resistance and seems easy. The preferred choice for most people. And it may work for a while. Till it consumes you from the inside (your system will deteriorate from within) or the outside (outside forces will take control of you). Or both simultaneously.

The second way: Fight it.
We’ve just seen this won’t do any good either.

Well, what is that third way?
While reading this, it has already begun. That is you now understand that eventually the first and second way won’t work. That is a great start! What you could do from there, is direct your attention inside, to what you really want for your greater good and that of this world. Find inner peace and truth. This is your truth, nobody else’s so you don’t have to convince others. What a relief that is! No more arguing, no more fighting.
The last bit is simple and very natural: spread love, not fear.

Anything you direct your attention and energy to (either positive or negative), will grow. So think about the things you want, instead of what you don’t want. It’s that simple.

I’m done with the first and second way. You too?

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