True North

Establishing a New Earth community in Sweden

Times are changing. We are entering a new era with new challenges and opportunities. More and more people are willing and able to accept these changes and live accordingly.

In my vision we are to make our Earth truely a better place by restoring the balance between people and between man and nature. By living in small communities and using the land in a responsible way. By enhancing bio diversity and circulair processes (permaculture).

Many people refer to this new state as New Earth. Currently I am looking for a place in Sweden to make this vision a reality. From this place I will offer retreats for people who feel the need for personal development and be part of this New Earth vision.


Het spel Onderuit met de draaischijven en de muntjes is een mooie vereenvoudigde weergave van de werking van het leven en het Universum. Uiteindelijk vallen alle muntjes wel eenMeer lezen over “Onderuit!”